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Not sure if this is the appropriate forum or not :shrug:

Say you grew up in the states, and your family have been over here for a few generations. You don't grow up with the culture of your family's heritage at all. Grow up strictly American . As an adult, is it possible to embrace the culture you never knew without being a total poser or appear fake?

Any thoughts, or anyone who have been in a similar situation?
I'm a big cheese fan. I love all kinds, and was browsing the cheese section and came across a kind I've never had before. Cheese made from goat milk. I got home and cracked that sucker open and took a bite. Holy hell! I cannot describe that disgusting flavor. It barely got the tongue before it was spit out. Why would folk eat that devil cheese?

Is it supposed to be an acquired taste or am I just wired to reject that crap? :grump:
So I started to binge watch the Battlestar Galactica reimaging show a few weeks ago, and there's something that's driving me nuts. Starbuck is a Mary Sue. She's apparently the best pilot they've ever seen (I'll give that to her though...when the human population goes from billions to ~50,000 in the matter of hours, I can see her being the best pilot left :lol:). In another episode she's the best sniper they have. With a ship full of marines, how can a pilot be "the best sniper"? Later in the season we learned she was almost a pro-athlete...but couldn't because of plot apparently.

What drives me nuts is that she's not even an interesting character. She's a drunk (after a holocaust, that may be understandable) and a total bitch. Guess they tried to make her interesting by turning her into a Wesley-The-Wonderchild from Star Trek. Why focus on her instead of fleshing out the rest of the cast?

Sadly, I've noticed this behavior in a lot of the shows I watch. To me it seems like laziness on the writers :shrug:
Finally have a day I get to sleep in, when I am awoken to "MEOW!" right in my ear. I pet her some and roll over to get some more sleep. Just before falling asleep, she meows in my ear again. I finally get out of bed. I go to check on her food and water, which are both full. I return to the bedroom, not five minutes later, to this:

Luna Hogging Bed by tacosteev

The punk wanted the bed all to herself.


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I am a brother, a son, a friend, and at least one other thing. Most of my pass time involves having fun in some sort of fashion.

I code, I game, I also enjoy cooking and photography. I am learning new things everyday with my mistakes. With luck I can take those mistakes and improve myself :)
Am I the only one who plans a trip and think the 6am flight is the winner only to wake up at 4am to head to the airport and curse myself for a stupid decision? :lmao: I'm definitely going to need a nap today :nod:

I also had the "privilege" of using the new submit page the other day. Man is it garbage! The old one wasn't flashy but it worked. I don't usually complain about things changing...only when the change is stupid and/or broken :lol:

Enough complaining for one day. Happy St Patty's Day!
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